Witsmind Co. Ltd is working on a Mobile Application that uses Unstructured Supplementary Service Data a.k.a USSD code to capture information from different data sources and display it to the user in a custom way for both feature phones and smart phones for purposes of improving farming and agriculture in Uganda.


USSD Application Witsmind Co. LTD
USSD Mobile Application Witsmind Co. Ltd


Just like a normal SMS on phone the USSD is a little bit different and more instant in terms of when it is used. i.e. In an SMS the user just receives a message on phone and reads it and replies directly to the message sender.

But with USSD code Application its more like a conversation or a chat where you the user enters a certain specific code and the system behind the application provides you all the possible answers or information to your question or request basing on a certain service.


IMS Service System Witsmind Co. Ltd
IMS Application for farmers Witsmind Co. Ltd


Witsmind Co. Ltd is focusing on improving the Technology in Farming through the use of the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning programmed system which does predictions and delivers farmers insight information for the season and planning to help in planting  and marketing or pricing of their crops or harvest.

For the mean time this module is under development but will soon launch its first testing and production of version 1 of the system.


Witsmind Co. LTD USSD Application


What is interesting about this USSD Application?

The Application is being built on a general standard basis that actually makes it more complex in production but more bigger in terms of market structure. This meaning the Application will be easily used or customized to match many industries or fields not only farming but areas like hospital, Electricity, commercial service companies or enterprises to use.


Don’t let your information become obsolete.Start keeping your users engaged through USSD or Mobile Applications. Share this form with your customers and users and to know what kind of technologies they are using.

  • You can get access to weather data current and predictions.
  • You also have access to crop information targeted at helping you know the market prices and buying price for better pricing.
  • You will have data that will help in knowing which seeds are good from well sourced areas.



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