A Book Mobile App that makes reading easier on phone and more interesting with cool features and books from a wide range of authors internationally and locally.

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Mobile & Web Application Development


5th November 2019


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Invision, Figma, React, Flutter, Adobe xd.

Read all your Favorite Books
Through A Single App

Product Goals

Hozybook is a platform that seeks to change the reading culture and ultimately the way information is read by everyone around the world

How It Works?

Download Hozybook from Google Play-Store or App-store, Sign-In and enjoy reading all books available from many authors and libraries

How We Bound?

Improving knowledge and information distribution through reading. Hozybook focuses on creating an intelligent reading environment for everyone

Get it. Read it. Enjoy it.

Our one mission is to enable readers from around the world to be able to read books on mobile phone from anywhere in a much easier way.

Why Hozybook?

Use it while on the road

You can read you novel or book while travelling on Road without having to carry the book physically. Imagine having all those books in a personalized library.

Fit for your corporate needs

With the variety of different books from the best authors around the globe, Hozybook matches your taste of reading and information distribution to meet your needs.

Hozybook works so you can relax

The Application is mainly designed with features of Artificial intelligence embedded in providing the cool reading environment and books tailored to the reader.

Customized library setting

A fully customized user library containing books and stories suited for the specific user interests combined with audio books and other cool features.

Personal Profile account

A user creates a profile that keeps him in touch with other fellow readers and authors by following their profiles and sharing information and joining different book clubs.

Integrate it with your schedule

A user can easily integrate the App with their calendar for notifications and reminders on different times and updates for book releases and information.

HozyBook Profile/Account Screen.
"The day i started using Hozybook my entire reading culture changed from bad to comfortable, can't say much the App is just perfect. Sometimes i think it was made just for my needs and specificity"
Mugalya Felix
Youth Advocate

Hozybook Mobile App

"Great app for reading books to change the world."

Choose the perfect plan

Hozybook has various categories for everyone. You can choose a perfect plan for your budget and best fit. Take a look at the pricing tables of Hozybook and get more cool features and interesting customization in each plan.




Frequently asked questions

  1. Analyze the current flow of the App.
  2. Identify the key areas of focus.
  3. Breakdown the entire process.
  4. Prioritize the few features.
  5. Document everything.
  6. Development of the features.
  7. Test the new features.
  8. Be ready to adjust.
  9. Put the new features into play.
  10. Refine, refine and refine.

Hozybook App follows a three plan structure. The Free Plan, Basic Plan and Pro Plan.

The Free plan is completely free and no need for a credit card.

The Basic plan is the affordable normal plan that best suites a normal book reader and requires a payment for accessing a few features.

The Pro Plan is the premium plan that supports all the features of basic plan and has extra customization and features. 

Hozybook App is completely a public Mobile Application meant to be used by anyone anywhere at anytime.

The project started way back when the need for a comfortable book reading culture was degrading to a state where one had to carry a book to read while travelling or moving to a place. Its then that an idea was development and seen through till today when its developed and alive.

Currently the company is not holding any positions vacant at the moment in regards to this project but will soon announce any opportunities.

Hozybook Mobile App is a book app that focuses on improving the level of reading  and the reading culture of everyone across all devices. Contact Us

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