The above project is developed as an idea to solve challenges and problems facing the agricultural sector of Uganda. Starting from a typical small scale farmer living deep down in rural areas of the country. The system is a well researched and data driven project that was proposed and designed to best suit all categories of hand held devices and gadgets. For purposes of delivering the required and necessary data and information to the farmers about different seasons and farming insights the system will help them plan and manage their activities right from planting and up to harvesting until the final stage of production to the different markets of the country in various regions.

Project Type

Web Design & Development


6th November 2019


In-House Project


React, Node Js, Python, ML in Google Co-lab, AWS Cloud Server.

This project is still under development.

Data is being collected and reviewed and is provided by Agencies and Government resources for agriculture so as to have the exact clear picture of the problems facing farmers and therefore come up with the best system to solve these problems using technology that is artificially intelligent and smart.

Witsfarm system is a USSD and session-based system that will be used across all devices raging from button phones to smartphones. The system will be used by the farmers to access relevant information that would enable them boost the productivity of their farms. As will be discussed below.

Since the application is still in the development phase, the application can be tested via the sandbox (testing environment provided by Africastalking) that will demonstrate how the system will behave when deployed to the live environment.

Basically, the area of testing is in English Language.

The menu as of now is only in English and other local languages like Luganda version are still under development.

The System includes the following Information and features but is not limited to only this.
  1. Crop inquiry

Under this section, the user will be able to get information concerning the different crops which includes general overview about selected crops, pest management options which includes a variety of options including how the different crop pests can be managed, maturing period which includes the maturing periods for different crops and also this menu also includes the fastest growing crops that can be harvested in a period of less than six months Thai guides the user on how to better maximize the profits.


  1. Market price

This category includes prices of the different crops in the different markets across the country. These markets include Kisenyi, Nakawa, Kalerwe and Owino. However, other regions will also be added and data will be available across all regions in the country. By doing so, one will be able to now where the best deals are.


  1. Quality seeds prices

This encompasses prices of different plants which include fruit trees, timber, Agro-forestry spss, and ornamentals. These are further subdivided into different categories and the user will be able to receive feed-back based on the plant searched for. Currently, the prices available are per the NFA (national forestry authority) and are per seedling as seen in the system. However, if one is unable to find the selected plant, he can use the other option to search for the crop.


  1. Seasons

This category, its main focuses around the weather conditions happening across the country throughout the year. In this section, one is able to now the season that he/she is in, when it started, when it will end, and also when the next season will be beginning and which season it will be. This enables the farmers to plan better for their next move.


  1. Other

This option allows the user to interact with the staff or team members responsible form the application and is used when the user has any inquiries in regards to the system. This enables the user to send the information which goes to the database and the staff will be able to respond to him/ her.


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