Witslearn is an advanced e-learning platform that is simultaneously interactive and compelling for students to use easily and fast for instructors to develop their courses on.



  1. Improve learning outcomes of Students
  2. Provide tracking technologies for performance, analytics, and marketing purposes
  3. Comfortable web and mobile learning interface
  4. Variety of content types and delivery features
  5. Custom look and feel aligned with specific brands
  6. Provide Payment methods to specific courses by the students
  7. Provide online testing of Students through the provision of examinations and tests


Witslearn platform has a number of modules which are broken down into parts and described in this section

Learning Management System (LMS)

A comfortable user interface design is an essential part of students learning experience. It can improve a user’s perception of the entire learning process.

Having diverse purposes, witslearn has a clear and simple yet effective interface that has everything that learners need, leaving out all the bells and whistles that rather distract users from the learning process.

Course Navigation

Structured course navigation panels help to quickly switch between modules and lessons. Navigation between lessons during the learning process is intuitive and learners can always see where they are and how many lessons they are left for the current module/subsection. Plus, it is also easy to see if there are any assessments to complete.

Progress Dashboard

Progress monitoring is an integral part of the educational process either for teachers and students. Witslearn enables students to monitor their progress with the progress dashboard in different ways. The dashboard is clear and informative: it gives an understanding of the current course success and important information about assessment results in a structured report format.

Types of Content

When it comes to content for an online learning platform, variety matters. Out of the box, witslearn provides the ability to craft online learning material using an extensive range of content types. These include Text, Images, Videos, Interactive videos and images, SCORM, LTI, iFRAME, 20+ types of assessments.

The list can be extended and customized according to the needs of a particular organization.

Content Management System (CMS)

This is the module used by the course owners, instructors, and teachers to generate content for the students or learners in any regard.

Instructors or course owners have a range of tools at their disposal to create, organize, and run online courses in witslearn.

Build the course structure (3-level)

  1. Manage enrollment rules (Access Settings, prerequisites, enrollment options, course dates …)
  2. Set the grading policies (course completion conditions, types of assessments, and their influence on the final grade)
  3. Enroll and un-enroll Learners.
  4. Group learners and content routing
  5. Add, organize learning content inside the course
  6. Manage visual features of the course
  7. Manage and issue certificates
  8. Manage monetization
  9. Tracking learning metrics and build reports

The parts are not complete, you can book a demonstration for the Witsmind Support team for a detailed demonstration of the specific features.

Mobile Application

Witslearn mobile is a great feature that allows you to take learning on the go. It helps to provide a simple and convenient environment for students that access online learning material from their phones.

Why choose the Witsmind E-Learning System

Social Abilities

Social features are greatly essential for all learning platforms and the Witsmind Edx Platform delivers a variety of channels for the socialization of the process. Social features allow students to collaborate on assignments, projects, and discussions on learning issues/ideas/feedback with other learners and also take part in polls and surveys separately or within groups.

Adaptive Learning

This technology is used for educational process improvement and modifies teaching methods based on that data. An adaptive learning architecture for the Witsmind E-learning platform enables it to respond to the learners’ interactions in real-time, automatically providing individualized feedback.

Competency-Based Learning

Competency-based learning enables students to enhance their learning or competency at their own pace regardless of the environment. The Witsmind E-learning system includes the ability to implement modern learning concepts based on the competency learning approach: scenario-based learning, self-directed knowledge assessment, skill-based branching scenario.

Online Discussions

Course creators can create discussions within a course and ensure collaboration between the learners.

Polls and Surveys

It is important to know what your learners want. A good survey tool can be a good way to information about what is required for a better learning environment.

Group Tasks

Using this feature, an instructor can create groups that are focused on specific learning topics. Groups may be used for assignment submissions and content organization.

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